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The Mile High Game Guys are three friends in the Denver area with a passion for playing and talking about boardgames! We focus on giving in-depth news and reviews in a casual and approachable manner. Thanks for giving us a listen!


Dec 15, 2017

Our Hosts are joined once again by Andrew as they try to conquer an unfamiliar land in Civilization: A New Dawn. In this Area Control game, you will be controlling different nations as you expand your territory, gain access to new tech, build World Wonders, fight off barbarians, conquer City states and race your rivals to become the best, and all in less than two hours. Does the game meet all of these objectives or is it trapped behind too much abstraction to even be called a Civ game? Find out inside!


  • 00:00:31 - Episode intro to Featured Review
  • 00:01:23 - Rules Rundown
  • 00:03:04 - First Impressions
  • 00:11:55 - Components and Art
  • 00:23:23 - Rules and Rules Explansion
  • 00:32:55 - Gameplay
  • 01:17:11 - Final Thoughts
  • 01:31:27 - BGG Responses


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