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The Mile High Game Guys are three friends in the Denver area with a passion for playing and talking about boardgames! We focus on giving in-depth news and reviews in a casual and approachable manner. Thanks for giving us a listen!


Mar 18, 2020

The Hater, Andrew, joins Zach and Adrian again as they discuss the Friday stream of Trickerion, as well as Half Truths and Age of Steam. In News, Asmodee keeps being Asmodee and AH 3rd gets a big box expansion. In Kickstarter, Pax Pamir gets reprinted. Some listener comments close out the show.


  • 00:00:42 - The Hater...

Mar 11, 2020

Not Adrian joins Zach and Jeff to recount their recently played games, including the Friday Livestream of Pandemic: Iberia, a continuation of a Star Wars Imperial Assault campaign, and some plays of Agricola. In News, CMON expo gets cancelled, and in Kickstarters Who Goes there gets a second edition. Some Youtube...

Mar 4, 2020

Reunited, our hosts dive into recently played games, like Agricola and Nemesis. After a bloody tournament recap, they then turn their eye to Plaid Hat leaving Asmodee and Scooby Doo Betrayal as well as Kickstarters about metal dice and fishing. 


  • 00:00:34 - Hosts reunite
  • 00:01:07 - What have we been playing?...