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The Mile High Game Guys are three friends in the Denver area with a passion for playing and talking about boardgames! We focus on giving in-depth news and reviews in a casual and approachable manner. Thanks for giving us a listen!


Aug 31, 2016

This week the guys decide to introduce you to one of the other players from Jeff's Pandemic Legacy game: Wesley! After a quick discussion of his gaming cred they move on to this weeks recently played discussion featuring Fuse, Roll for the Galaxy, Total Rick-all, and Carcassone. This is followed by an overview of some recently announced games such as Welcome Back to the Dungeon, an expansion for Bang! The Dice Game, Spyfall 2, and Pandemic: Ibitha as well as some local gaming news featuring the grand opening of Boardgame Republic and the announcement of Denver B-Con. A short round up of a few kickstarters that are ending soon and one that just started gives way to the discussion of the day: Player Counts and their effect on games. Concluding the episode is a short reading of Jeff's 2nd email! Listen and enjoy!

00:26 Wesley intro
02:24 Zach admits to cheating!!!!!
03:12 Wesley's Least and Most Favorite Game (least- Munchkin, most- Citadels)
04:01 New Citadals info
05:24 Brief Player Count Preview
08:27 Hate the Players, not the Game

What we've been playing
08:50 Zach defuses Fuse
12:10 Adrian rolls around with Roll for the Galaxy
19:44 Jeff recalls Total Rick-all, works on Patchwork and welcomes a friend to Welcome to the Dungeon
24:37 Wesley goes expansion heavy in Carcassone

27:23 Jeff ruins the transition to our news segment
27:31 Welcome BACK to the Dungeon
 -28:28 New Monsters
 -30:29 New Classes
33:12 Spyfall 2
35:10 Bang the Dice Gang: Old Saloon
38:19 Boardgame Republic Grand Opening
39:20 Pandemic: Ibitha
41:15 Denver B-Con Oct 22-23

Kickstarter Roundup
45:10 One Night Ultimate Alien
48:27 Polyhero Dice: The Wizards Set
52:01 Fantasy Coin and Electrum Campaign Coins

Discussion of the Day
52:47 Player Counts in Gaming

1:08:36 A Second Email!
1:11:16 Episode Wrap up and Contact Info