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The Mile High Game Guys are three friends in the Denver area with a passion for playing and talking about boardgames! We focus on giving in-depth news and reviews in a casual and approachable manner. Thanks for giving us a listen!


Aug 24, 2016

 As our hosts continue to work their way through their stack of GenCon purchases,  each of them have the opportunity to try some new games. First up for Adrian it was a lighthearted game of competing civilizations in Imperial Settlers, followed by Jeff who could not survive a trip to the Forbidden Desert and ended up ghosting around in Mysterium. Finally Zach tried hard to keep his sanity as cultists invaded Pandemic in Reign of Cthulu.

 Having caught up on their recent gaming experiences your three hosts move on to discuss some current events and news buzzing around the gaming hobby where Square Enix is bringing Final Fantasy board and card games to America, Seafall receives a shipping update, No Man's Sky let's Jeff down, and Zach's need to buy all the expansions is triggered by Experimental Meds for Pandemic The Cure. From news they seamlessly transition into covering a few current kickstarter projects that are on their radar.

 After all of that is finished these intrepid hosts and boardgamers move to the discussion of the day, boardgame apps. It is here that they delve deep into an interesting side of the hobby, talking about everything from app versions of their favorite games to games that require apps and even apps that aid in tabletop gaming. Along the way they cover the good, the bad, and the AI as well as some of their favorite (and least favorite) boardgame apps and how they feel apps can add or detract from the boardgaming experience.


Introduction and Chit-Chat

  • 1:15 Imperial Settlers
  • 8:12 Forbidden Desert
  • 9:34 Mysterium/ Dixit
  • 17:53 Pandemic Reign of Cthulu

Boardgaming News

  • 25:44 Square Enix games:
    • 25:57 Final Fantasy Trading Card Game    
    • 26:28 Chocobos Crystal Hunt
  • 27:21 Seafall shipping update
  • 30:06 No Man’s Sky disappointment
  • 32:04 Pandemic The Cure expansion: Experimental Meds

Kickstarter Roundup

Discussion of the Day: Boardgame Apps

  • 47:00 General Discussion


Bonus Link: Chwazi