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The Mile High Game Guys are three friends in the Denver area with a passion for playing and talking about boardgames! We focus on giving in-depth news and reviews in a casual and approachable manner. Thanks for giving us a listen!


Aug 12, 2016

Our exhausted hosts regroup to discuss the amazing event known as Gencon. First, they talk about their overall impressions of the con and mention their friends’ accomplishments before getting down and dirty with the big games they played. They then dive into some of the big news announced during GenCon while complaining about sold out stuff. Next, Adrian and Zach listen to Jeff gloat about demoing SeaFall, further assuring them that it needs to end up in their collection. Last, they discuss the Huge* success of PandEPIC and


01:38  Zach's impressions on his first gencon

02:44  Friends events and successes

  • 03:22  Ant fouls in blood bowl
  • 05:16  Heather wins cosplay

09:58 Adrian's impressions on his second gencon

11:28 Jeff's impressions on his nth gencon

14:19 Featured games

  • 14:30 Grifters
  • 17:46 Legendary: Big Trouble in Little China
  • 25:42 Deck building: the deck building game
  • 26:54 The Networks

31:07 Our GenCon haul

  • Adrian: Dead of Winter: Long Night, Mystic Vale, Celestia
  • Jeff: 17 games, Star Realms, Brazilian Coup, Tiny Epic, Grifters, Pandemic Cthulu, Secret Hitler, Legendary:Big Trouble in Little China and more.
  • Zach: Mansions of Madness 2nd edition,
    Aquasphere, Deckbuilding, Grifters.

33:53 GenCon News

  • 34:10 VIGs/exhibitors buy everything awesome
  • 38:58 Rising Sun announced
  • 41:07 Dead of Winter: Warring Colonies

44:10 Fantasy Flight - Inflight Report

  • 44:29 Arkham Horror LCG
  • 45:03 Runewars miniatures
  • 46:18 New Angeles (Android)

48:20 Jeff's SeaFall preview

56:00 PandEPIC after action report.